20 Shocking Confessions From Nurses That You Won’t Believe

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Many people don’t know just how important, difficult, and rewarding a nurse’s job is.

While those words sound like they don’t necessarily belong in the same sentence together, when it comes to nursing professionals, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There’s a reason that registered nursing is one of the top occupations expected to see growth through 2022. It’s a tough job to do, but those who are called to it are devoted to their work. That’s not to say that sometimes they can’t also have a bad day at the “office,” get frustrated, or downright overwhelmed.

Nurses are, after all, just human. Here are some of the most shocking confessions of real nurses.

As a nurse dealing with death never gets easier. We just find ways to hide the pain and carry on.
As a nurse, you aren
I'm a nurse and I make less than someone who works at McDonald's... I save lives not decrease them...
My job as a nurse is hard enough. But when I constantly stare at the face of death, it
I work as a nurse, sometimes I hide in storage for a moment of peace and quiet.
I'm a nurse without health insurance; what do you call that?
I work as a nurse and I tell all the funny stories from work to everybody even though it
As a nurse, I sometimes want to experience the suffering my patients endure for just a day to see what they are going through...
Nurse confession: I call my patients pet names because I don't know their real name.
Nurse Confession: If you're rude to me, I'm sticking you twice. So will everyone else.
I'm a nurse, but I've always wanted to be a stripper... Now I'm too old. What are your regrets?
I chase my pills with alcohol. I should know better, I'm a nurse.
I drink on the job. I
I did the thing a nurse shouldn't do. I fell in love with a patient who has 2 months. He asked me to make love to him. I really want to...
I cried after taking care of my first young paralyzed patient.. Being a nurse is hard

From shocking confessions to heartfelt truths, it’s clear that all nurses are just humans…except they have the power to heal you. So let’s all appreciate them!

Shout out to all the nurses in hospitals. For staying up through the night and for running around during the day. You are all awesome!
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